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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dante's Inferno

An odd moral dilemma with this one.... Ironically enough with a classic epic that can be directly related to morals!

I wasn't wearing my glasses, I looked in the inner cover and saw $18.95. It's one of my favorites and $20 wasn't to much for a nice older version of this epic. I paid $18.95 (though thought this was an oddly specific price for a used book). The fellow behind the counter charged me $18.95. I checked with a friend of mine AND my wife who both said they wondered why it was priced at $18.95 after they looked in the front page.

Take a closer look... there is definitely a comma AFTER the 1 and before the 8. Did I pay $20 bucks for one valued at almost 2 grand? I looked up similar copies on eBay and other stores and the book does sell for a couple of hundred bucks elsewhere... is there something different about this edition?

Maybe I'll take it somewhere for appraisal.

But... in the meantime, I plan to enjoy owning what might be the most expensive book I've ever collected, even by accident!

1 comment:

  1. Wow!!! OMG I am so JEALOUS! What a great find. :) Enjoy and forget about the "moral dilemma"!