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Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Again I'm super-pleased to report that the Ottawa Book Club has our first "Sponsor/Perk". Jon Phillips is the editor and publisher of Bookmarks magazine. A book-geek review magazine that I have been reading since their first issue several years back. They do book reviews, author interviews and profile different authors of various genres every 2 months (six issues per year). It is the magazine I use to help me decide what to read next.

The magazine website is here­ maybe a great idea for a Christmas present for someone who loves books!

Jon has been generous to offer members of the Ottawa Book Club a discounted rate on a subscription to their magazine! But first, I need to know how many would be interested as the discount increases with more members using the perk. The “normal” Canadian subscriptions rate is $37.95 for 1 year. If we get 10 subscriptions together the cost would be $34.95. More than 20 would be $31.95 and over 30 would be $29.95 per year.

Please check out the Bookmarks website for more info on their mission. Or if you are interested in a subscription please do NOT apply online on their website yet or you will pay full price. Just send me a note at so I know what subscription rate we can qualify for. Then, when we know the discount, I will send interested people a promo code they can plug into the website when they register.

Please help your fellow book-lovers get this discounted rate and pass along this message to anyone (friends, family, coworkers) you think may be interested in a subscription. Just e-mail me back with your name and the number of subscriptions wanted.


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